Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I love Transformers: Age of Extinction movie display

Adore Michael Bay's explosion-tastic Transformers saga or hate it (and believe you me, there are plenty of people in the latter category!), you will surely be aware that the fourth installment, Age of Extinction, has just head-butted the public's consciousness with its gala debut! And as with most movies these days, there has been a hype-worthy slot-together display standee erected in movie theatres across the cinema-verse.....

Oh. My. Bob.

This thing is, without doubt, an absolute work of art! A humongous model of Optimus Prime riding on the back of the mighty Grimlock (leader of the Dinobots) built out of 700 gazillion pieces of die-cut card forming the myriad armour plates and mechanical doodads making up the two Cybertronian titans. So many parts.... Such a detailed model....  It's the new holy grail of  Transformers collectibles..... It must be....

Right, that's it, I'm sneaking in there tonight and stealing the freakin' thing!

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